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Alright time! 😊

I am a (currently) 22 years old earthling living in .

My main area of work is film related, including:
- working for a camera rental in Berlin
- camera assistant (first and second)
- best boy / gaffer (light on set)
- camera / director of photography (only on my own stuff for now)

In my free time I do a lot of tinkering with software and electronics and therefore I also am interested in anything .

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If you have any questions regarding:
- Professional film equipment (ARRI, RED, Sony whatever)
- Working on set
- Photography or filmmaking in general
- Computer stuff (but other people on here are probably much better suited to answer)

I will do my best trying to answer them! ☺️

Wieso hört irgendjemand Podcasts auf Spotify?! Habe da gerade einen eingereicht und das kann ja gar nichts? Keine Links/HTML in der Beschreibung. Keine Kapitelmarken..

Kennt sich hier irgendjemand mit dem Podlove Webplayer aus und kann mir bei was helfen?

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology

Die Masken-Vorgaben zu ignorieren ist weder mutig noch cool noch superindividuell. Es ist einfach nur all denjenigen gegenüber egoistisch, die zur Risikogruppe gehören. Die sich fast nie über sowas beschweren. Und stattdessen still das Feld räumen. Weil sie Angst haben. Daher: 😷

Successfully migrated my server to a new Hoster 🎉

Hey people who run ISPs and other businesses that offer hosting services, have you thought about putting a small fraction of your revenue into a fund (managed by you or with a consortium of others) that can be used to pay developers to work on some of the free code software you business depends on? Particularly those components that quietly do their job in the background, and struggle to get funded any other way.

Ha damn I always forget about mastodon! 😄

Zittere immer noch etwas... war überhaupt nicht vorbereitet wie ich darauf reagieren soll.

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Habe dann ein paar Minuten später wieder Richtung Bahn geschaut, da ich wissen wollte ob es meine ist, dann kam er wieder. Bin mir ziemlich sicher er hätte mich geschlagen, wenn es nicht seine Bahn gewesen wäre.

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Boah ey. Typ hat mich gerade dumm angemacht weil ich grob in seine Richtung (zur Tram) geschaut habe und lange Haare habe und für ihn wie ein Schwuchtel aussehe.
Eine Frau hat ihn dann runter geredet und er ist wieder zu deinen Kollegen.

I guess this thread is done for now :) check it out if you want to learn more about !

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Some videos to check out about anamorphic lenses: (Anamorphic Lenses - Everything you need to know (feat Tito Ferradans))

For projection adapters:

The Five Pillars of Anamorphic: (Flares) (Bokeh) (Magnification & Perspective) (Disproportionate Breathing) (Organic Focus Roll Off)

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In case you are using modern lenses but want to add some more character to your image filters can also be a very big help! They can diffuse your image / or parts of it and make it more pleasing to the eye.

For example this one:

There is a great video from Tiffen comparing all their diffusion filters here:

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A general note: I used to photograph differently than I do now. In the past I tried to take pictures that look good / pretty, now I am more focused on taking pictures that tell some kind of story / mood. Still photography is basically training to shoot moving pictures for me.

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The anamorphic block in front also adds some more character to the image of course. First of all most anamorphic lenses tend to only really be sharp at the center and have some kind of focus fall off towards the edges (not all but most). They also make the bokeh (the out of focus parts of the image) oval instead of round.

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