This is quite an old photograph of mine. I shot it at night in the fields a few streets away from my old home.

It was quite dark when I shot it and I was completely surprised by the outcome 🤩

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@VoronoV I don’t remember would need to check my metadata later 😄 but I guess around 20-40 seconds :)

@paul It's always an eye-opener to me when from pitch-black (at least from what my eyes are able to see) suddenly colors appear on the photograph.
Nice shot! Fascinating kind of sunset with stars visible

@lumia950 yeah true! It’s not actually a sunset 😅 the orange you can see is light pollution from the next city :D

@paul Oh really? Then this is almost comparable to a false-color edit to highlight the amount of pollution

@lumia950 I did not do much editing it just a big city with a lot of orange street lights, was quite surprised as well 😄


Wanted to look at your photo which I found because of the longexposure tag. When I clicked on it, this is what I got:

@jdeibele works fine here are you trying to open them on my instance or remotely?

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