This is the last picture form that night :) In case anyone is interested I can post some more details about how lenses work.

On this one you can also see the „classic“ horizontal anamorphic lens flare.


Wow, really cool photos. The effect is awesome.

As a non-photographer, i should look for information about anamophic lenses 🙂

@f4m8 well they are not really a photography thing. I think anamorphic lenses were originally invented for tanks and then later they were used to capture widescreen images on classic 35mm motion picture film :)

@paul Oh wow. Did you shoot these digitally or on film? Did you correct the aspect ratio in software?

@lastfuture they were shot on my old Canon 60D. The images were captured in 3:2 (I think the 60D is) because they were shot with an anamorphic lens I had to desqueeze the images in Photoshop by a factor of 2x to get a normal looking image again. Shooting with those lenses on film is kinda tricky because it’s not easy to nail focus on a squeezed image through a viewfinder and I never checked until now if the distance markings on my setup are correct.

@paul thanks. Very encouraging to see these strong photos come out of a digital sensor. I can't quite put my finger on what makes them seem less digital. Simply the aspect ratio or maybe stretched ISO noise looking more like grain? Just the subtle stretching of bokeh?

Mental reminder to self: Play with anamorphic lenses

@lastfuture have a look at my ongoing thread I will explain quite a lot of it there! :)

@paul dang, please do tell! This looks awesome!! :awesome:

@paul 😮 amazing!! 🎉 Looks like you know what you are doing and there is quite some tech / equipment involved 🎞️ I only recently got my hands on an old C/Y Zeiss prime and started using it; but for me the manual process of shooting is already difficult 😅

@djh well you could shoot similar stuff with less tech :D but getting to know your equipment and a bit of lighting (what time of day and kind of weather looks good etc.) if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

@paul I already find it hard focusing my vintage prime; have a Fuji xt20 (1.5 crop) and was shooting ~1.3k images over two days (continuous-low mode) with a C/Y 1.7/50mm; only got out maybe ~100 usable ones; just a matter of practice? already using the digital zoom + focus helpers

@djh well I am only shooting with manual lenses. When not using anamorphic I find it fairly easy. A split screen view finder is of course nicer but it is okay without. Sometimes it’s not 100% spot on but most of the time that’s not an issue. On hard shots I use the display and zoom in :)

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