This is the last picture form that night :) In case anyone is interested I can post some more details about how lenses work.

On this one you can also see the „classic“ horizontal anamorphic lens flare.

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@paul dang, please do tell! This looks awesome!! :awesome:

@paul 😮 amazing!! 🎉 Looks like you know what you are doing and there is quite some tech / equipment involved 🎞️ I only recently got my hands on an old C/Y Zeiss prime and started using it; but for me the manual process of shooting is already difficult 😅

@djh well you could shoot similar stuff with less tech :D but getting to know your equipment and a bit of lighting (what time of day and kind of weather looks good etc.) if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

@paul I already find it hard focusing my vintage prime; have a Fuji xt20 (1.5 crop) and was shooting ~1.3k images over two days (continuous-low mode) with a C/Y 1.7/50mm; only got out maybe ~100 usable ones; just a matter of practice? already using the digital zoom + focus helpers

@djh well I am only shooting with manual lenses. When not using anamorphic I find it fairly easy. A split screen view finder is of course nicer but it is okay without. Sometimes it’s not 100% spot on but most of the time that’s not an issue. On hard shots I use the display and zoom in :)

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